Monday, April 20, 2020

Eig21ht (@eig21ht) - "No Box At All" (Album)

Jackson, Mississippi MC Eig21ht has been a major figure in the state's indie scene for years now. He has shined on previous projects "Sick Of Being Patient", "Sick Of Being Patient 2" and was also featured in the YODIE concert/ documentary.

Now we find Eig21ht prepared to go to the next level with his new album "No Box At All". The 10-track release sees Eig21ht truly prove he can't be put in a box of expectations. He weaves through sounds and maintains a level of lyricism that sticks to the ribs throughout.

It's essentially a perfect blend of catchy hooks, modern flows, punchlines and impactful bars. With one listen you just know that Eig21ht has talent that cannot be ignored. Joining the MC on "No Box At All" is Renee Lee, Dolla Black, D.O.L.O. and many more. Hotep Slowsteps handles most of the load on production with entries from Metro Boomin, DoncheDidIt, Kidd Doja, Fox and Ricky Rich as well. Give it a spin now.

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