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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Video: Yucifer - "Racks"

Up and coming artist, Yucifer, shares with us the official video to his debut single, "Racks."
The London based artist drew inspiration from a series of events that lead to a breaking point in the form of this song. 

He soon realized he had a lot of things to express and to avoid poisoning himself further with the things that he had held inside.

Creating music has been that release.

Written from a personal space of struggle, 'Racks' was created as a vital form of self-expression. Yucifer describes the writing process as something that "just felt natural, I just snapped and spat it all out at once." This release is the cataclysm of depression and anger." - Says Yucifer

Watch the official video below and listen to more Yucifer via SoundCloud.


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