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Thursday, May 16, 2019

@IamAudream - No PreNup2

AuDream's latest album titled, "No PreNup2", which debuted on April Fool's Day this year on all platforms!

While currently promoting this album, AuDream is working on its reloaded version due to drop in May as a fan appreciation tape.

ATL Raptress, AuDream is a real diamond in the dirt,  she’s by far one of the most undisputed heavyweight in the rap and trap game. Highly respected and undeniably slept on, the multi-talented independent recording artist, is a song composer, actress & published urban cover model. With the help of no labels, sponsors, investors or 360 deals backing her music career, Audream always seems to get it done. 

When asked how she does it or got this far, she will smile and say...
“I’M SELF-MADE...I gets it out the mudd”

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