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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Trick Daddy Takes Shots At Ebro

Trick Daddy, the Miami veteran who felt compelled to offer his support for Kodak Black, who he clearly feels was disrespected by Ebro and the radio station.

Explaining his disapproval for Ebro's interview tactics, Trick Daddy goes on to say, "You supposed to be an older n****, you supposed to teach [the youth] right from wrong, but your b****a**... keep Kodak's name out your mouth... and stop bringing up sh** that you know the lil homie can't talk about on the radio, b****a** n****."  

As the video plays, Trick Daddy gets more aggressive with his tone and body language, standing up tall as he delivers his last words for Ebro: "Watch your mo****fu***** mouth, don't disrespect [nobody] from around my way unless you want smoke. Matter fact, I want smoke b**** a** n****, that go for Ebro, and for everbody that don't like it."

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