Sunday, December 23, 2018

Man Finds $10,000 In Chanel Hand Bag

Now this man is a good hearted person. Richard Taverna came into the possession of just such a "donation" on Thursday morning at the Lincoln Center-66th Street 1 train stop when he found a Chanel purse sitting unattended on the platform. The commuter scooped up the stray bag, saw a note inside written in Russian and took it home with him. That is, until he realized it was stuffed with $10,000 in cash.


Taverna went to police with the bag, and the money, in order to reunite it with its rightful owner. "It wasn't mine. If someone lost $10,000, they're probably going through a lot of distress," Taverna said. A woman who lives in Manhattan but was traveling to Russia left the cash on the platform by accident, and came to the 20th Precinct looking for her bag.

She is a lucky woman. It's a good thing Taverna turn the bag in because the next person would not have.

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