Monday, December 31, 2018

Kim's New Year Message To Trump

Kim said he was willing to meet the U.S. president at any time, mixing in conciliatory messages with his warnings of conflict to Washington and Seoul in his annual speech where he laid out policy priorities for his isolated and impoverished country.

Kim Jong Un said North Korea would take a new path if the U.S. insisted on keeping sanctions, delivering a pointed message to President Donald Trump in his New Year’s address.

In so many way's I feel Kim in his address. He is doing what he has to do for the survival of his country. Kim highlighted recent exchanges with socialist countries, speaking on his trips to China and the Cuban president’s visit to North Korea. China has been the key benefactor for North Korea’s economy.

Kim said he was willing to resume without conditions joint projects with South Korea that were frozen due to political tensions and North Korea’s weapon tests. So he lets things be known he is willing to work out differences.


Kim called for increasing electricity power generation in the country that battles chronic power shortages. Kim also urged the North Korean people to strengthen their “self-reliance.”

Kim read his address in a suit and tie, in a departure from recent appearances in which he wore a black tunic. Instead of standing on a podium, Kim delivered a speech sitting on a couch in a Western-style room, illustrating an image of an approachable leader in a fireside chat.

Talks between the U.S. and North Korea have made little progress since Trump and Kim held an unprecedented summit in June and signed to “work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” without defining the term or setting a deadline. The two sides have clashed over the pace and sequence of talks, with North Korea demanding relief from international sanctions and the U.S. seeking more steps toward disarmament.

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