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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Will NYC Loose Subway In Near Future?

The experts at the Regional Plan Association believe that removing the 24/7 system will help to build a reliable transit system for the growing metropolitan area. RPA officials believe that shuttle buses can be used in substitution of a 24/7 running subway system, to handle the thousands of overnight commuters.

The RPA have about 60 more ideas for their grand plan including:
  • Raise money through new taxes, like charging drivers to enter Manhattan’s business center, tolling major roads and highways, adopting a cap-and-trade program for emissions, and a tax based on vehicle-miles traveled. Build dense housing near transit stops throughout the region.
  • Extend subway lines around the city and build out overcrowded stations.
  • Create a regional rail network that allows trains to flow unimpeded through the tristate area, such as building a new facility south of Penn Station that could allow rail to bring travelers between Long Island and New Jersey without switching trains.

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