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Friday, December 29, 2017

Rose Monroe Top 5 Hottest Photos

Rose Monroe is a porn star The Wrap-Up Magazine has been waiting to post about! This stunning diva has done some things most of you would never imagine. Rose was born in Venezuela. Take a look at some of her best professional photos here!

 There is not much info on this porn star, but one thing we do know, her body is banging. Rose Monroe was born on October 14, 1989 in Venezuela. She is an actress.

All that butt! OMG! what would you do with that? I love a juicy woman and Rose Monroe has it all. The looks, the body, and the smile.

There is not much a female has to say when they look as good as Rose. She is stunning in all ways. This pornstar took over the entertainment industry by storm.

Could you just imagine going out on a date, or having to introduce her to your mother? I would be scared to let her go shopping for food alone.

See more of our Top 5 Below!

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