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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Vault Collection Incentives

Behind every album, place, and person come some kind of incentive or motive for why it has taken it's course. What motivates an individual to perform an action? The question is, what motivated Gansta-Marcus to want and sit down with a group of young individuals and work on music such as the one they are presenting now.

We encouragement fans to stream or purchase this music. It comes packed with radio singles and a new sound the industry has never heard. Were trying to reach new levels with the current going evolution.

Moral incentives are the most important move for all artist. To be admired and loved within your community is the eye out of your city. Gansta Marcus is both admired and hated.

 He has given the streets the image of someone who fails to act in a certain way, which is condemned as indecent. For the black communities to meet someone who choose not to sell drugs, rob, steal, and etc, he has managed to live the slow life while watching the world move in slow motion right before his eyes.

Now Gansta-Marcus has released  "The Vault 2" album and it is all about a new movement in "Swagg." The album promises radio songs that will be great for digital streaming. DJ also have picks to get the crowd going with a few club bangers also.

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