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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ben Carson Gets Stuck In A Elevator

Neurosurgeon-turned-Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson recently ran into some trouble, as he was stuck in a housing development elevator. Carson was visiting Miami's Courtside Family Apartments along with the Dade County Public Housing Director Michael Liu when he, the Director, and five others became stuck in the elevator. According to the Miami Herald, former NBA player Alonzo Mourning was supposed to be attending the event because his nonprofit was a co-developer of the apartments. Since he was late, this resulted in him not being trapped in the elevator with Carson.

Carson, his wife, and several others were heading to meet residents in the building when the elevator became stuck, resulting in the group being trapped for about 20 minutes total. Firefighters arrived on the scene and freed the group around 9 A.M. this morning. According to the Miami Herald, as soon as Carson was released from the elevator, he said: "Well, we got all of our questions answered."

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