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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Man Beaten For $70k After Using Facebook

A Bronx man who has been doing well for himself selling handbags learned the repercussions of flaunting money on social media when he was assaulted and robbed during a home invasion that is believed to have been triggered by someone who got whim of his success.

The victim was home at his Pugsley Avenue residence at around noon time on Thursday, February 16, when three men entered through an unlocked back door. Two of the men were armed, but it was the third suspect, who grabbed a frying pan from the 20-year-old man's kitchen, who did the most damage. The victim was said to have been knocked unconscious and lost teeth after being repeatedly struck with the cooking instrument. They then tied him up with an electrical chord.

"Where's the money," the suspects were reported having insisted. "Tell us cause we're not leaving without it." After one of the men threatened to torture the bound victim with a hot clothing iron he directed them to a compartment in the refrigerator. The men got away with $70,000 in cash, he told authorities.

The victim would later be treated and released from a local hospital. An investigation into the matter is ongoing.

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