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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Thieves Steal $6 Million

A building worker explained the likelihood of the robbery being an inside job to The Post. “It’s weird to me that they randomly tried that floor in the building. How would somebody know to come here? That’s real fishy,” the building worker said. “It definitely seems like an inside job. The timing is weird too.” Another building worker said the robbers might have had someone leave the freight entrance open for them since it could only be accessed with a key. The store was not being guarded at the time of the heist. The store’s owner is currently in India and hasn’t publicly commented on the manner as of Tuesday.

Three burglars took advantage of mass police distraction on New Year's Eve and were able to lift over $6 million in jewelry from a 36th Avenue New York City store.

NY Law enforcement told the New York Post that the heist taking place at midnight was intentional. Just as the ball dropped in Times Square, the three men wearing hoodies and masks ripped off Greg Ruth, a commercial jewelry store known for its yellow and pink diamonds. One of the robbers faces can be seen in the surveillance footage. Police believe the heist was an inside job and surmised that the robbers entered the store through a freight entrance. Jewels including 18-karat gold bracelets, earrings and emeralds were taken from safes that the burglars appeared to have known the combination to or had left open for them from someone on the inside. The safes were temporary for the jeweler who had planned to acquire a more secure vault sometime in the near future.

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