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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Denver Legalizes Weed in Bars, Clubs and Cafes

Check This Out! The state’s capital is working to pass legislation that will allow recreational marijuana use in bars, clubs and cafes, according to Reuters. More specifically, private businesses will have the option of allowing adults to use marijuana on their premises. This would make Denver the first U.S. city to allow its citizens to use marijuana in public social settings.

The measure, known as I-300 is expected to take effect in late January. If all goes according to plan, citizens of Denver will be able to get high in their favorite social setting without any legal repercussions. Other states that have already legalized recreation marijuana use are currently working to pass similar measures.

California, Massachusetts, and Nevada legalized recreational marijuana use in last week’s election. Arizona rejected it. Major cities in all of those states could follow in Denver’s footsteps if all goes well with the new measure. Maine also had a vote on recreational pot use, but the ballots are currently being recounted.

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