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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Will Homes Prices Rise In 2017?

Compared with their analysis six months ago, real estate researchers are predicting slower economic growth, slipping real estate fundamentals, and lower returns from both the public and private markets. Prices for homes are rising faster than mortgage rates can drop. Prices will rise to 2020 and construction spending will grow through 2020.

So in other words, prices on homes, construction, labor, and material will see a increase in prices. Growth in the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) will be 2.2 percent this year and average the same rate over the next three years. The 2016 forecast is down 60 basis points from the forecast of six months ago and 80 basis points from the forecast of one year ago as U.S. and global growth has faltered and the decline in energy prices has hit that sector hard.

Sales volume will not increase significantly until after 2017. Americans will face falling home prices in a matter of years as personal income gains fail to keep pace with the recovery from the financial crisis. Help us to keep from falling under in the next crisis by supporting us below.

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