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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Young Thug Buys Cars And Houses For Family Members

A post from akademikstv showed the “Lifestyle” rapper gifting his sister with a brand new car and included a caption that said all of his siblings have been blessed with a home or vehicle. “#youngthug bought houses and cars supposedly for all 12 of his siblings. He getting a lot of [money] out here,” he wrote. The video shows Thugger standing outside with his sister as she rips a huge pink bow off of a brand new car. Watch the video below.

Young Thug grew up in a housing project that was later demolished by the city, according to Rolling Stone. He also spent time in a juvenile detention center after he assaulted one of his teachers at a young age. “I was in the streets at eight, nine years old,” he said to the magazine. “I was going to school so my dad and mom would keep buying me clothes, but when I got out I did what I wanted to do- fighting, all kinds of sh**. I broke my teacher’s arm. Took his ass out. P***y -ass-n***a.” After the assault, he was sentenced to 4 years in the detention center. “Seven in the morning to six in the afternoon, he said describing the conditions. “No windows or nothing, like a real jail. Lot of punishment. I didn’t do shit there but gamble, smoke and f**k.”

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