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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kat Stacks Gets Beat And Spit On

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) It appears that former industry groupie Kat Stacks is back under the wing of an abusive man, as was evidenced by a video that has surfaced of her being battered and spit on in the passenger seat of, what some speculate to be, a pimp, which she denies and says is her ex-boyfriend.  In the 12-second clip Kat is grabbed and yanked around by her hair as she apologizes and asks for the unidentified man to stop, before he spits in her face and tells her "stop playing with me stupid h-e!"

Stacks, whose given name is Andrea Herrera, is known for her rough upbringing; having been received by a life of prostitution and human trafficking after running away from home at the age of 14.  She would eventually make a name for herself as the source of several sex-tapes and for telling of her various sexual exploits with rap stars and other celebrities through social media.  She is also the victim of assault on numerous recordings that have traveled the web.

Despite the chances of her past implicating that this was an incident involving a pimp, Stacks has actually denied such to be true, taking to Twitter on Monday [June 20] to claim, "I'm too old to have a Pimp. What I look like selling pussy and giving my money to a nigga so he can take me shopping with my own money."

"Obviously I didn't hit him back because I didn't want him to crash the car and try to kill me like he had in the past," she explained about her response to being roughed up.  "He likes to speed the car and say "I'll kill both of us.  This isn't the first time he has done it, but it's the first time Hot97 picked up on it."

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