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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Family Loses Everything

A Georgia family lost nearly all of its possessions when the Craigslist movers it hired disappeared with a loaded truck. An unidentified woman victimized by the theft in Douglas County said that the belongings were worth $75,000.

“Ten years of memories, irreplaceable items, things that my husband and I worked hard for and earned. It’s just gone.” The truck, believed to be stolen, had nothing inside when it was found by police in Atlanta, though the family has mysteriously recovered some of its most important documents.

Birth certificates, death certificates and other essential papers were found when one box was discovered dumped two days later, though an iPad that had been inside was missing. A St. Louis couple across the country fell victim to a similar scheme late last year, paying $1,100 to a company they found on Craigslist and then waiting in vain for their items to show up in North Carolina.

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