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This page is for all those who would like to be featured on various sites by T.W.U.M. We invite all to join in on this challenge to gain more exposure that what it seems to be. We move in silence and have a strong impact in the community.

Hi, we hope you enjoyed the site activity as much as we did. We offer a broad brand of services which varies from website promotion, email blast, website creation, artist pages, graphics, and more. We only give out packaged deal that fits your budget. I guarantee the cheapest prices the internet has to offer. I'm sorry to say, but we do not sale friends or twitter followers. Nor do we sell to boost plays on your player. We only deal with real traffic and real people. People will only listen to your music if they like what they see, so be sure to give a nice presentation. Below are prices for packages we offer as of now.

Size 1

Size 1
The beginners package comes with all listed below. Priced at $9.99
1. 300 Email Blast
2. Music or Business posted in 10 websites that promotes what it is you present.
3. Mp3 submitted to 10 DJ's that host mix-tapes.

Size 2

Size 2
Our unsigned artist package comes with all listed below. Priced at $14.99
1. 500 Email Blast
2. Music or Business posted in 15 websites that promotes what it is you present.
3. Mp3 submitted to 15 DJ's that host mix-tapes.
4. Facebook and Twitter visitors sent to your artist page.
5. Upload of Mp3 to various hosting files.
"The Wrap-Up Magazine" promised to bring artist a way for them to shine, well now is their time. If you are now a featured member and picked your package, then lets get it all started. Here at "The Wrap-Up Magazine" we like it when the artist is putting in work in the studio and on the while, while we hit the internet with your news and releases.

These are the requirements we will need to get everthing set up as we need it.
Title: Featured Artist
Artist Name
Title Of Submission
Submission Links
Social Media Links
We also require the artist to retweet or share what the see of themselves to help gain better exposure online. You can send the information directly to Good Luck!

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