Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Soupmakesitbetter (@SoupMakesBetter) F/ Trey Bond - "Less Than 24"

Paid Better rapper Soupmakesitbetter (LA/Houston/Austin) releases his new single, "Less Than 24 " featuring Trey Bond, an Australian artist and R&B singer with a dash of rap. In "Less Than 24 ", Compton born rapper Soupmakesitbetter finds himself in Los Angeles, California for (quite literally) less than 24 hours. Although short-lived due to the unfortunate peak of COVID, the trip itself was abundant with good energy and life-long brethren.
During this quick burst of wanderlust, Soupmakesitbetter takes the time to reflect on his own personal code of authenticity and loyalty, making it very clear that those surrounding him follow a similar code of conduct. "Less than 24 " is a straight-forward yet relaxed track made for those who believe that genuineness and ambition can result in true immortality through making your mark and creating an authentic legacy. The single comes from Soupmakesitbetter's own label, Paid Better Records.

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