Friday, December 11, 2020

Featuring Jim Jones (@jimjonescapo) Vol. 2 Hosted by @Samhoody

Dipset Byrdgang Capo aka the Vampire life boss, Jim Jones is always hanging upside down str8 (Vampin). Samhoody hits you with pt.2 of new Series, celebrating Harlems hardest hustler with a collection of new, classic, and unreleased collabs, whether it's new recruits or industry giants, the Harlem Vamp Jim Jones, gives bar's for all levels, and also another fact rap bonus track from Byrdgang Shoota 'Shoota93'.
Stay tuned we still got more work in the drought so we are always cooking !! Keep up with Jimmy and the Vamp Life movement via @Jimjonescapo on all media outlets.

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