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Friday, August 7, 2020

Minnesota Based Artist Farr Well Releases The New Project "A Hard Pill To Swallow"

Minnesota based artist Farr Well aka Farrington Llewellyn recently releases his new album "A Hard Pill To Swallow" tackling the difficult issues of mental health, generation trauma, and so much more. With so much attention being focused on Minnesota since the killing of George Floyd by MPD, its refreshing to hear an artist take on topics that are oh so relevant in 2020. Being diagnosed with bipolar disorder himself, Farr Well is using his art as a vessel to help carry his message and open up a conversation about mental health. For so long depression has been ignored in Hip Hop or blanketed by drugs and alcohol but recently the stigma has started to change around therapy, mental health and so much more and it's artists like Far Well that are helping make that change. Not only an album "A Hard Pill To Swallow" is also a podcast, blog, and event series all focused on helping young people deal with the pressures of the world through mental health advocacy.
"This album is bigger than me," says Llewellyn, "it has the potential to stimulate the conversation around mental illness and trauma in communities where it's stigmatized. It's a 'hard pill to swallow' but working through our hard life experiences is the path to healing and building resilience."

Stream a "Hard Pill To Swallow" available now on all digital streaming platforms! 

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