Sunday, May 10, 2020

Real List Magazine Presents "Quarter Pound"

Quarter Pound was Born in Philadelphia, PA, adopted in NC so birth certificate reads Wilson NC..My mission is to spread the love everywhere they show love for me and my team. I want all of you to remember my foundation based on what I set out to accomplish by my approach to music rather then passed decision making. 

Why I Love music so much is simply the passion to keep honor hope and hunger alive through word of mouth. Adrenaline rush whenever I see fans remembering who I am because of the words I say. Now residing in Maine continuing the quest for stardom Quarter Pound entered a contest to open for Bizarre of D-12 and won first place getting him a good a look from Shadow spear Music Group. The ride has just begun .."Be on the lookout for this young man..Very Very Serious"..Leviathan s.s.m.g.

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