Monday, May 4, 2020

Rahli F/ Lil STL (@LilSTL) - "Clip Hangin"

The show me city (St.Louis) connects the dots on this one to show that Red🔴, & Blue🔵 can get it in an make not make Green 🟢 but they combine an make litiuation during this Quarantine the young Boss who's a "nayborhood dellwood 4corna stepper" that's been trailblazing since he's been dropping "Just Rap" pop..."RAHLI"and the Original young Boss the Prince of St.louis "Lil Stl" they both unite to give you a visual to there hood PSA "Cliphangin" which not only maps out where they From but how moving in there section... This IS MDGDAMOB we got MOBTIES

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