Friday, May 29, 2020

Music: Tuu Ra - "Feel Right"

Brooklyn, New York 
artist, Tuu Ra, is here to deliver his latest love anthem"Feel Right."

Now here to drop off one of his own releases, Tuu Ra has this to say about the new single: 

"This song, " Feel Right," is a dancehall tune dedicated to the ladies. It is my second dancehall release following my single, "Walk In Truth," and is produced by Dopelord Mike. In the song I display more of my singing ability where as my prior releases were mainly  hip-hop/rap – until collaborating and grouping with international  afro-pop and reggae artists in 2019.  

In the song I express my appreciation for "that woman" who knows exactly what to do make me feel right. Truly, the song was birthed with the Jamaican patios line "She know me nah go chase her, money me ah chase me a real boss." True story, that line was inspired a couple days after talking with a girl who had mutual interest, but really thought I had time for the chase games. She sadly didn't take my entrepreneurial spirit seriously, so that faded quickly. 

From that point of the song l romanticize with lines of gratitude for the woman who knew how to do all the right things when dealing with a boss minded guy like myself and is rewarded for her charm which is capable of getting me to do things for her that I generally wouldn't do as I joyfully express in the chorus. It's like she puts the "love spell" on me, forcing me to soften up with her calm sweetness. Which was greatly depicted in the cover designed by Ghanaian graphic designer Pius."

Make sure to connect with Tuu Ra on social media and listen to his latest single, "Feel Right," below!

Twitter: @tuugod

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