Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Colorado emcee AndE drops "35 Brick" single

Steamboat, Colorado emcee AndE presents “35 Brick”, featuring a guest appearance from Loui and produced by AndE himself. “35 Brick” is the lead single from AndE’s debut album Eternal Canvas. which also features contributions from Burman and Yung Hung. AndE’s work as the founder of BokBok Fashion led him to Kris Artz of Colorado Records, and they together released AndE’s “Sell It” single (watch the music video) before beginning work on “Eternal Canvas”.] AndE calls the new single “a record of my commandments. From start to finish and how they’ve been built. Loui is on the track because he was one of the first influences. Through separate strides we’ve both degenerated and then been able to grown into better people from it. This is a bit of that tale.” He says he structured Eternal Canvas “with intent to create history. This chapter has been inspired by my lifelong interpretation of the culture we call hip hop, and what that culture means to me.”

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