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Friday, September 7, 2018

166 Skulls Found In Mexico

Mexican police discovered a mass grave in the Mexico city of Veracruz, which contained the remains of 166 people. The city, located on the Eastern coast of the country, has been heavily plagued by cartel-related violence, as it's used as a pathway to transport drugs to the U.S.

Veracruz attorney general, Jorge Winckler, held a press conference, where he revealed that it's believed that the bodies have been buried for two years. He also stated, "Aside from human remains, we have found more than 200 items of clothing, 114 pieces of identification, as well as different accessories and personal items."

Last March, a mass grave containing 250 skulls was found in the same city, and it was reported that there were 30,000 murders across Mexico in 2017 - the highest in a year since 1997. According to the national register of missing people, over 37,000 people are also currently unaccounted for across the country.

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