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Monday, May 21, 2018

Jeremie - "Pill Popper" @JeremieMusic

Jeremie (birth name Eran Jeremiah, November 6 1992) is a 25-year-old Franco-Israeli rapper-songwriter and electronic music producer. Jeremie was born in France to a Moroccan immigrant mother, and Israeli-Iraqi father. Raised between two cities, Paris and Tel-Aviv, and grew up at a multi-culture environment, added a lot to his unique sound mark, lyrics and approach to music production.

Jeremie uses two main languages (English and French) while rapping in his songs. By doing so he is creating a phonetically word-game between the two languages, which is interesting to hear, and with his signature Franco-American one of a kind accent.

Jeremie's new song 'Pill Popper' is an up to date single, in which he discusses the overwhelming and excessive use of drugs and anti-depressing pills around youngsters. Jeremie is doing so by using the hip-hop's musical elements as well as taking advantage of its provocative lyrics, in which young rappers feel comparable speaking out loud sending the wrong messages to teenagers around the world.

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