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Thursday, May 24, 2018

@Grip_SS "Porch" one of the hottest right now

Back in December of 2017 we at got an email from this  new artist named Grip, I took the time to listen to the album, and was floored away. I get the pleasure of listening to music most people will ignore. Since then this album and the artist have been receiving great accolades for the body of work that was created.

I tried to tell people about Grip, even tweeted a link or two to Crooked I, don't know if he peeped the joints. At any rate some of the people who ignored me then, might hear me now. The album is super hot, great production, lyricism, and story telling, what is not to like. Grip himself is riding the wave, as he should, he has even been co-signed by J.I.D (another dope MC you should be listening to I might add). When people say that the ATL is hot, its no wonder with talented artists like Grip, it will be a long time before some other city takes it place. cop a listen link below through #Audiomack.

Grip "Porch"

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