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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Chance the Rapper Has Raised Millions To Help Build Chicago

During a special appearance at Harold Washington Cultural Center on Friday, Chance the Rapper announced that his Social Works organization has raised $2.2 million for an arts initiative at Chicago Public Schools.

“Quality education for public schools is the most important investment a community can make,” the Grammy-winning rapper told a crowd students and supporters at the event, where he channeled the late Steve Jobs, donning a black turtle neck, faded jeans, and his trademark “3” hat.

Principals are reportedly committed to new initiatives like dance studios for ballet, hip-hop, and modern dance classes, design laboratories, sculpting, and pottery courses, remodeling auditoriums, and fixing existing art supplies.

Chance donated $1 million the $2.2 million in March. Shortly afterwards, he announced that the Chicago Bulls donated another $1 million towards the cause, helping him launch the Chance Arts & Literature Fund.

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