Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Waka Flocka Vs. Gucci Mane Story

While the moment is on the Remy Ma Vs Nicki beef and Cam'ron Vs. Jim Jones beef is popping off, it's another beef that's been going on. And that's Waka Flocka Vs. Gucci Mane! Gucci recently put out a song called Crash which the critics say that it was a diss song at Blac Youngsta and Waka Flocka. 
At the same time Waka and Gucci was having problems before the song was even mention. Because it was a time that the fans and the whole world was loving the brick squad just screaming brick squad. Even though the fans was wondering what was going on with the two for a while until on a interview they asked Waka will he work again, and waka was like no. Then it was a interview with Gucci mentioning that he havn't talk with Waka for like three years. So the people may feel that their beef is way deeper than rap. Also on this story plus a single on here with Waka Flocka with his new exclusive song titled Was My Dawg, hopefully they will settle their beefs and make more history as BSM forever.