Thursday, March 16, 2017

Love 4 The Ladies

Ladies i know it's hard but it's fare when it comes to true love or true lust on sight espcially nowadays  at the same time you got men that wouldn't mind being a one woman man or a good secret lover. Ladies you have to understand this wisdom that i learn from, if Mr. right won't treat you right i bet you Mr. wrong would be more than glad to be with you Even though we be hearing quotes like women ain't this while women is saying men are dogs. Brothers i know you thinking that these ladies not loyal but at the same time or half of the time men ain't loyal. But who for me for to judge, we all human beings in this human nature world. Nowadays it's sad to see what's going on in this black love world, even with ladies out searching on sites or facebook to find her true love. But ladies it's someone out there for you and trust and believe.