Saturday, February 18, 2017

Man Shoots Neighbor Streaming Live

An angry husband appears to have shot his neighbor in broad daylight after accusing the man of looking at his wife, and the incident was caught on tape. The two men reportedly have a history of disagreeing with each other.

In this conflict, the man in the brown shirt accused the man in the denim jacket of looking at his wife. The other man questions why would he do that when he has a wife of his own. The two continue arguing and the husband pulls a gun out of his pocket.

The victim said, “Do you think I'm afraid of you? Do you think that because you come with a pistol? No, you do not scare me."

The husband then points the gun and shoots his neighbor. Where the victim is shot was not shown on tape, but women can be heard screaming in the background. The video was posted on social media sites in Mexico, where the altercation took place. The victim reportedly survived with only a minor groin injury.