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Friday, January 27, 2017

Drive-through Weed Deals

On January 21st, police arrested Garrett Norris, 20, for the distribution of marijuana after an undercover officer purchased some in the drive-through of a local Burger King.

According to reports, customers would pull up to the drive-through and ask if "nasty boy" was working, the suspect's nickname. Afterward, they would ask for french fries "extra crispy," which was code for purchasing marijuana. Norris would then place a designated amount of marijuana in a burger king cup and pass it along to the potential customer.

Norris was charged with sale of a controlled drug and possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute. During the investigation, Meagan Dearborn was identified as an accomplice and was charged with conspiracy to distribute drugs and unlawful possession of alcohol. Anyone up for some fast food?

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