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Saturday, August 13, 2016

T.I. Served With An Eviction Notice

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) The eatery, Scales 925, owed at least $1 million in back rent to the landlord. T.I. came out and blamed the issues on his business partner Charles Hughes who also allegedly didn’t pay employees for the hours they worked. The rapper posted up a picture of him and aired him out on Instagram. “He is NOT associated with me or my company in any capacity. We have NO dealings or partnerships outside my restaurant..which was a HUGE mistake in hindsight,” he said. T.I. later took the image down.

Hughes has yet to respond publicly. A lawsuit was filed against the restaurant last month by 12 employees who said they were owed more than $50,000 in unpaid wages and that Hughes skimmed money off the top of the business. A rep for Hughes said at the time “we take allegations like this seriously and are looking into the matter.”

T.I.’s Atlanta restaurant that recently came under fire for not treating employees right was served an eviction notice this week.