Monday, June 26, 2017

We Need Help Starting Our Invention

The Wrap-Up Magazine announced earlier this year that they would be putting together a new invention to present to the mass public. Well the wait is no longer. The revising of the original drop ceilings are now in place and digital designs have been made up.
In the picture above, you can see +NFL Players Association with the +Buffalo Bills in the center. Think of all other football logos going in the same position or however you choose to design it.

+Sponge Bob has become kids favorite cartoon all over the world. So image him being on ceiling of your kids bedroom, hospitals, doctor offices, and dentist clinics.

The +LA Lakers logo with other +NBA teams can also be designed out to fit your lifestyle. However it is you would like your living space, then this gives you the opinion to design it how you choose.
 We thought of all kinds of designs. For older couples, kids, sports fans, and many more. Help us to make it a reality with donations or subscription. Help us to better serve you. This idea has not been published for advertising as of yet.

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