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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Free Music Uploads To Only For The Gods Website

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) You Create, We Promote, is the slogan Only For The Gods is going by. "Only for the Gods" is a Full-Service Music Distribution + Merchandise Platform for Hip Hop and R&B Artists. They provide a direct-to-fan music platform that allows artists to connect directly with their fans and sell their music, simply, quickly, and whenever they want.

They also created a proprietary marketing system to help artist 10x their digital exposure so they they can reach a bigger audience, become massively popular and consistently grow their fanbase. Artists have the ability to sell their songs directly to their fans or allow free downloads through our online music store. In addition, artists are also given the option to distribute their music across all digital retail stores with no upfront cost, and be included in mixtape compilations with other popular emerging artists.

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