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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Student Busted Flashing Genitals

Red Mountain High School student Hunter Osborn, 19, faces a whopping 69 counts of indecent exposure after authorities say he flashed his genitals in the football team’s yearbook photo. The stiff punishment accounts for each person present at a photoshoot where Osborn let his penis hang out over the waistband of his football pants in the now-tarnished photo.

The blip of nudity went unnoticed for months — overshadowed by a sea of red uniforms until after the school printed and distributed the annuals to about 250 students. The Mesa school admittably failed to notice Osborn’s feat due to the “small size of the photograph” and published it in promotional material distributed at football games throughout the school year.

When they finally realized what Osborn had done, school employees contacted police and recalled the yearbook to “make a minor but critical edit for the inappropriate content,” according to a statement issued by Mesa Public Schools. “He wasn’t the editor that approved it or the teacher responsible for publishing it and distributing it to students,” Labban wrote. “The teacher responsible for the yearbook should be fired. Red Mountain High School is using him as a scapegoat instead of taking any responsibility.”

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