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Monday, December 7, 2015

Lil Flip Talks T.I. Beef Video

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) Lil Flip dropped a ton of knowledge during this exclusive clip with DJ Vlad. On top of speaking on his new lines of work, the Cloverland native addressed the beef between him and T.I. and told us how it all came to an end. "It was a meeting, face to face. Me, him and J. Prince," Lil Flip disclosed as he began to break down how they worked things out. "That's what grown men do - sit down and figure the s*** out." In the end he said the "cooler head prevailed" before commenting on Lil Keke's stance on the entire ordeal.

Hear about Lil Flip's other business ventures, his current relationship with Scarface, and why he'll never be a yes man in our latest exclusive. "This is how it is: You got those people that are smart enough to know bull***t when they see it, and then you got those people who are brainwashed by TV and people having management deals with certain people...I believe in God, right? And peep this: what I've been instilled and what I instill in my son is no matter how much fame you get, remember who you are. So at the end of the day, I'm Wesley. Flip is a name that I made up..."

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