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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

German Rapper Named ISIS Terrorist

When he was pursuing rap full time, he enjoyed varying amounts of success, including touring with DMX back in 2006. Now the government is saying that this rapper may be a threat because he is apart of the terrorist group ISIL.

Former German rapper Deso Dogg has just been identified by the State Department as a terrorist because of his affiliation with ISIS, which they believe began back in 2012. Back in September, German intelligence officials prepared a 25-page dossier on the rapper that referred to him as a "well known, german speaking demagogue of the armed Jihad." Deso is currently wanted in Germany on charges of war crimes.

Deso Dogg has changed his legal name from Denis Cuspert to Abu Talha al-Almani, with several media outlets reporting that he died last year. The state department now says this is believed to be incorrect, and that the rapper is indeed still an active member of ISIS. One video that appears to be of the rapper shows what appears to be him holding a severed head.

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