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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Baltimore Police Beat Woman

Kianga Mwamba was driving home earlier this year–March 30 to be exact–when a nearby confrontation between an officer and a civilian peaked her interest. According to Mwamba, the police were kicking and using excessive force to arrest the man they were trying to take into custody, 27-year old Cordell Bruce, and she began to record the incident.

About halfway through the video clip, which you can see above, a police officer notices Mwamba recording them and initially directs her to keep it moving. Mwamba doesn’t immediately react to the officer’s suggestion, which prompted the officer to walk up to Mwamba’s car and tell her to pull her car over, which is where things get dicey.

When authorities returned Mwamba’s phone to her, the video she took had “disappeared”, but she was able to recover it thanks to her Cloud account, and she is seeking $7 million in damages in a lawsuit that she’s brought upon the Baltimore City Police Department.

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