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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Top 5 Hottest Photos Of Daniela Rajic

The Wrap-Up Magazine has released the top 5 hottest photos of +daniela rajic. Daniela Rajic is the former stripper who filed a lawsuit against Indian Pacers star Paul George, saying he's the father of her newborn daughter. But even without the NBA babymama drama.

Daniela Rajic, a former stripper, has slapped Indiana Pacers star Paul George with a paternity lawsuit. Daniela Rajic is the ex-stripper who has filed a paternity suit against Paul George, the Indiana Pacers star-forward, reports The New York Post. 24-year-old Stripper Daniela Rajic gave birth to a baby-girl on May first. The former Tootsie's dancer says Pacer's Paul George is the father of her baby girl.

Take a look at more hot photos of Daniela Rajic. She is one of the finest strippers to ever strip off her clothes on stage. She carries one of the best bodies next to +Kim Kardashian and +Carmen Ortega. What man in the world would not lust to be with her.

+Paul George should be a happy man giving birth to a baby with this fine of a woman. Who cares if she is a ex-stripper and what she done in her past life. She is still one of the hottest women trending in the industry.

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