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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

O.J. Simpson Is Back

Twenty years later, there’s no question that the so-called “Trial of the Century” was indeed that. It was America’s first true reality TV show, altering pop culture and the media in a way that no other event has since. Without O.J., there probably would have been no wall-to-wall coverage of the trials of Casey Anthony or George Zimmerman or Oscar Pistorius. There might not even be a “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” a reality show that has its own strange connection to the Simpson drama.

The O.J. Simpson saga was part Shakespearean tragedy and part trashy daytime soap opera, with an unlikely cast of characters and a juicy plot so strange and twisted that few dared to look away. Debating whether O.J. was guilty or not became a national pastime — encouraged by the fact that nearly every second of his trial was broadcast on television. And that debate was often divided along racial lines, underscoring the painful truth that blacks and whites continue to have drastically different views of justice in modern-day America.

It was a story that captivated the world: a beloved former football star accused of killing his glamorous ex-wife and her handsome friend in a grisly crime of passion. But whatever happened to the strange cast of characters that made up the O.J. saga? Here’s a look at some of the more memorable players of the O.J. show and what happened to them.