Monday, May 19, 2014

Stumik Ft Nam Nitty And Dox Boogie - Showtime

Stumik releases new music titled "Showtime" featuring Nam Nitty and Dox Boogie. Off the upcoming 'Reinvention of the Wheel(s) of Steel' a compilation from Brain Kave Music Group's The Kavemen. This single entitled 'Showtime' is a Dox Boogie produced banger, featuring Stumik (of Raekwon's 'Icewater' crew), alongside new artist Nam Nitty (LI Music Awards Hip-Hop Artist of the Year 2013), and Dox Boogie (The Kavemen & Brain Kave CEO). 'Reinvention of the Wheel(s) of Steel' drops later this year with features from Bronze Nazareth, Planet Asia, Doc Ahk, Verbal Kent, and more.