Friday, April 4, 2014

Ultra Music Festival Closing

According to CBS Miami, Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado along with City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff are taking action to keep Ultra out of their jurisdiction. After a scary incident during the first day of this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami, which left a female security guard in stable, but critical condition, the city’s mayor and other local officials are calling for an end to the EDM festival.

The two officials say it’s not only the trampling incident, which was reportedly caused that has them looking to end the festival, but the recent rise in arrests, drug overdoses and fence hopping. The Mayor also explained that Friday night’s incident, which left a 28-year-old security guard in the hospital with a broken leg and brain hemorrhaging, could have been avoided if the festival organizers installed an additional fence like they were told to do earlier in the day.

The festivals organizers though released a statement Sunday night –the final night of the festival– explaining that the incident was not caused by ticket holders and that there is an investigation underway. But, Sarnoff believes this has been a recurring problem with the festival. A problem he’s become tired of dealing with.