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Friday, April 25, 2014

Top 3 Pizza Restaurants In Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the greatest places to eat pizzaThe Wrap-Up has released the top the pizza restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina. First up was Tony's pizza.

In the great New York style vs. everything else argument, this is a place that you can use as a great argument in favor of the thin, floppy New York pizza.

The CLT location of Tony's is just one of those old school, sit-and-have-some-love kinds of pizza parlors that are sadly becoming a thing of the past. The pizza, garlic bread and anything else you have the privilege of trying will just taste like smiles.

Second on the list is Riccio’s pizza villa. While the rest of the Italian menu is bang-up and great, you're going to want all of their garlic knots. Just the entire lot of it -- back the truck on up to the table. The pizza itself holds great company as some of the best around. Riccio’s is why you go out of your way for independent and local business.

Last but sure not least, is Luigi's Pizza restaurant. Places like this are what the world needs more of. Walk in, say "gimmie two slices and a beer" and bing, pow, boom -- there you go.

They're not messing around, just giving you the serious New York style pizza that you shouldn't live another day without. The friendly staff, laid back atmosphere and super-reasonable prices are all great justification for having every dinner for the rest of your life here.