Monday, April 7, 2014

Tiny Gets A New Reality Show

Tiny is going to be getting another show in addition to the Family Hustle. In it, she and her hairdresser (and closest pal) will be showcasing their shenanigans.

Tiny reveals, "We haven't named it but it's a Tiny and Shekinah show and it's kinda gonna be like, this idea I had to be like The Simple Life like Nicole [Richie] and Paris [Hilton]. So it's going to be our version of that. It's going to be really funny."

Not only did Tiny make close to a million dollars co-writing TLC's No Scrubs, she also executive produces all of her family's reality hits. She explains, "I executive produced all those shows. On Tiny & Toya, [I]started there. Then I went to the T.I. & Tiny and then Tiny Tonight. I got three executive producer shows under my belt.