Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nieman Marcus Mixtape Cover Review

Rumors are that +Nieman Marcus is in the works of some new content. After reviewing his Facebook Page, we notice the talk of new music to be released to the streets of Lima, Ohio and free downloaded content online. Nieman also released several photos for review for the up and coming project. The mix-tape is titled "Independance Day."
You're thinking he spelled the name wrong, but not without knowing. Independence Day is the Fourth Of July, Independance Day is lets have fun for that day. The mix-tape is set to be released July Fourth Two Thousand Fourteen.
The mix-tape will be hosted by DJ Sippitakeover. It is unknown how many tracks will be listed. Take a listen to his last mix-tape "The Remix" that was most slept on in Ohio late 2013.