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Monday, April 7, 2014

If I Ever Ball Again

Although times is hard for us now, I don't understand why we did'nt bank all that cash to try and make that dough last. We can't live in the past, I say its time to move on. If I had one more chance, I bet I won't go wrong. Now I wont sell dope, but have investments though. Like Aaliyah said baby, brush it off and let got.

I'll give you diamonds like snow because you make my heart glow. Girl you'll be my wife, and thats all that I know. Try to hold on to our love, cause thats what we go show. You have the keys to my heart, even if it don't show. Click the link below to hear the official song.

"If I, If, I, Ever Ball Again". (Download Now) (Click Here) Get Your Today